THE HERALD | Clean City Gets EMA Licence

1 September 2019

Waste management company Clean City, which was launched in mid-July, has been granted a solid waste enterprise licence by the Environmental Management Agency. Clean City, which is owned by Cassava Smartech, offers innovative and sustainable waste management solutions in urban areas in partnership with local authorities and the private sector. The licence, which was granted in accordance with Section 69 to 71 of the Environmental Management Act (Chap.20:27) under the specified terms and conditions, allows Clean City collect and dispose “general waste”.

The licence gives Clean City an opportunity to provide end-to-end waste management services to households, businesses, institutions, churches and schools across Zimbabwe, according to Chief Executive Officer Mr Lovemore Nyatsine.

“Our digital waste management platform is in full deployment and over the last few months we have built an operational capability that covers the whole country working with private players who are our franchisees and truck owners,” he said.

“Our assets and capabilities are in full deployment to help keep our neighbourhoods, shopping centres and industrial areas clean and safe,” added Mr Nyatsine. Harare Residents Trust founder and coordinator Precious Shumba said the coming in of Clean City will go a long way in closing the gap that has been left by local authorities.

He said although historically and legally it is the mandate of local authorities to provide waste disposal services, the initiative by Clean City is welcome given the operational challenges because of service gaps that exist. “The coming in of Clean City will provide respite for residents in terms of garbage collection”. He however, said there is still need to interrogate the cost structures so that there is fairness for residents who are already paying refuse collection bills.

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